Dogs in the fog, Day 12

I am creating an online journal during the Coronavirus social distancing so I can look back and remember how my thoughts and actions might change during this time. This is Day 12.

Wednesday, March 25

When people ask me how our family is handling social distancing, I have responded that it’s gotten easier because the resistance has settled. When we started 12 days ago, we struggled to figure out our boundaries. But for the past three or four days, we’ve all resigned ourselves to the reality that no one comes in our house, and we don’t go to anyone else’s house.

We still go to the grocery store or Target. Sometimes the kids will go through a drive thru, just to get out. Or they might just drive around together or play Pokemon Go.

The one family member who has the most active social life right now is our dog, Cooper. We’ve still allowed him to get together for play dates with other dogs. I chat with dog moms without getting too close, which provides a nice outlet for me, as well.

This morning, we met up with Cooper’s favorite playmate, Maisy at an open field early in the morning. We wanted to get there before too many people were out so we could let the dogs run and play.

The fog was so dense that when we arrived, we couldn’t even see our friends across the field. Once we got to where they were, it felt like a wall of fog surrounded us on all sides. I joked that it was like we had gone “into the unknown.” (It’s possible I’ve watched Frozen 2 too many times at this point!)

The fog created a nice barrier that kept the dogs from being able to see the occasional jogger or walker.

These two love to run fast and play hard. And as you can see from the photos, they haven’t heard of social distancing.


I guess you could say we’re all pretty jealous of our dog these days!


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