My June art journal

I just finished my third month of art journaling since I started my “themed” art journals. This month’s theme was “nature,” and I could not have loved it any more!

I feel like I’m starting to find my “voice” in my art journal. I follow along with tutorials provided by Let’s Make Art every Thursday. However, I’ve started finding lots of other ideas on my own that spring from those tutorials.

This month, my art journaling subscription box included a Gelli Printing Plate, a Gelli brayer and a stencil to use with it. I learned lots about creating mono prints on the gelli printing plate. When I saw that the month’s theme was nature, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate some recent photos I had taken that I really loved. But it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do that in my journal.

Then, Let’s Make Art put out a tutorial in their hand lettering series about using watercolor to paint a picturethat looked like a Polaroid. This inspired me to take some of my favorite photos and create them in watercolor or as “fake” Polaroids.

I also spent lots of time in nature collecting different leaves and flowers that I could try on my gelli plate. It was really fun to slow down and observe nature.

“See the beauty all around you,” is one of my favorite life phrases.

Here’s the rest of my June art journal.

You might remember seeing this photo that I took in May of the full moon. Here’s my recreation as a watercolor Polaroid and also a version I created with layers of acrylic paint on my gelli plate.

This was my favorite photo I took from our trip to the Dunes. I loved trying to recreate it with watercolor.

This field was covered in yellow yarrow flowers, inspiring me to do a photo shoot with my  youngest daughter and our dog. I added a watercolor effect to the prints in Photoshop and painted the background.


I feel like this quote from Pooh bear kind of sums up my outlook on life. There’s not much that can’t be made better with tea and honey.

This spread was dedicated to my husband and our daughter who have been hard at work raising bees this spring and summer.

I ended up with lots of random paint on this last page in my journal, but oh well… The distressed paint look is kind of the theme of this journal anyway.

I absolutely loved how the front and back cover turned out!



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