Getting creative in the kitchen

This past week, a friend described me as “artistic.” Another friend said I’m “crafty.”

I don’t see myself as either. I don’t have a natural artistic talent, like drawing or painting or sculpture. And I really don’t think of myself as a craft lover who enjoys turning toilet paper rolls into Christmas decor.

Instead, I would describe myself as someone who likes to express herself creatively. That expression can take on a variety of forms from photography to writing to drawing letters on a chalkboard. It feels unfocused that I don’t have a specific niche of creativity.

But that’s just the thing. I love thinking of and trying new ideas. And that’s actually what it means to be creative.


Yesterday, I spent the day in the kitchen. Making dinner often feels mundane to me. But taking a day to plan out meals, try out recipes and then neatly package them in individual containers with Washi tape labels? That feels like an expression of my creativity.

I started the morning by making six hard-boiled eggs, and transforming them into deviled egg salad. After that came Paleo banana bread. Gluten free, dairy free bread? That’s a work of art!

I made a double batch of balsamic chicken with sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Then, a double recipe of beef with butternut squash and broccoli.

After that, I made my very first batch of strawberry jam.

It felt good to be creative in the kitchen. And it’s even a better feeling to know we have healthy, nutritious food filling the fridge.


What’s a way that you like to be creative?

Where do you feel stuck?



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