Outside everyday

They say it’s easier to do something everyday than sometimes. I’ve definitely found that to be true in my quest to walk outside every day in 2021. Now that I’ve made it through the brutal cold and crazy snow, my rhythm of walking several miles twice a day has become my default, rather than something I decide whether I’ll do each day.
🚶‍♀️I walked 160 miles in February and 150 in January. Small steps each day add up to big miles over time. This applies to more than just walking!
❄️ Once you’ve braved -23 windchill with frozen flakes beating your face, you gain a new perspective on what feels “warm.” I am incredibly thankful for sunny skies and warmer weather!
💕 Not only did we literally walk through cold dark days, but we’ve walked with friends and loved ones through painful trials this year. When you walk through real heartbreak, you stop complaining about small stuff like the weather. You realize everyday is a blessing and to be thankful you can go outside and go for a walk.

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