Creating with courage

“I’m sorry. I tried for so long to belong. To be as they needed me to be. Now, I wish to be myself.”
~ Ana, “The Book of Longings”
Last week, I got together with some friends from work and led them in an art project. We used modeling paste, liquid acrylics and patterns that I had cut on my Silhouette to create these paintings.
When we were done, I was amazed to look at them all lined up and see how uniquely beautiful each person’s creation was. (These were just the ones I remembered to photograph at the end of the night.)
I had given each person the same art supplies, the same tools and the same instructions. For some reason, I imagined that they might copy my sample. But instead, no matter how confident or insecure they felt in their own ability, they each expressed themselves in a unique and beautiful way.
It made me think of so many of the strong, creative, brave women in my life who are willing to use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. They don’t try to fit in or follow the pattern of this world. They are bold and unique and beautiful because they are strong enough to be who they were made to be.
Keep going, friends! (And if you ever need to do some art, don’t hesitate to ask!)

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