A visual reminder

A visual reminder
I woke up while it was still dark yesterday with so much on my mind. My heart aches because my kids keep trying to grow up before I’m ready. I’ve been worried about a loved one battling a serious illness. And I get overwhelmed by all of the hate and sadness in the world.
I got up and drove to the edge of town in the darkness and parked at the top of a big hill. I watched the sun come up behind me and the moon set in front of me. I love these visual reminders that the earth is still rotating around the sun and the moon is still on course. It gives me peace to think of the universe set in motion with such beauty, precision and reliability.
“Lord, I give everyone and everything to you.” Deep breath.
And then I share the photo because I think that maybe one of you needs a reminder, as well, that no matter what you are facing, you are not alone. God cares for you.

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  1. Pamela Wisemsn Avatar
    Pamela Wisemsn

    The reminder that the earth is still rotating around the sun and moon assures me that God is still in control. With all the sickness, grief. hate, and challenges of life, God wants to be in our life if we will just ask him.

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