It’s a little ridiculous how excited I am about my closet right now.
About six months ago, I started thinking about how I could organize my nail polish. I realize it’s hard to keep up with such deep thoughts sometimes.
I found an idea on Pinterest to use a spice rack to display nail polish. This seemed like the perfect solution! It would allow me to hang my nail polish high enough that the toddler couldn’t help herself, and I would be able to see all of the colors to make it easier to select my color of choice.
So, I started searching for a spice rack. This was easier said than done.
I went to store after store looking for a spice rack that hangs on the wall. I found all sorts of organization systems for inside the cabinet. But apparently, hanging a spice rack ON the wall is no longer a stylish kitchen solution.
I looked on Pinterest again and found some ideas using a wooden spice rack from IKEA. Luckily, we have an IKEA in town, and yesterday I finally had the time and energy to brave the packed parking lot and massive store to search for a spice rack.
What I found out is that even IKEA no longer sells the spice rack I had seen online. However, they came up with an organization system that I liked even better! It was meant for storing kitchen gadgets, but it works perfectly for my nail polish.

Not only can I see all of my colors in a nice neat row, but each basket is removable, so I can carry it with me to another part of the house. It also fits perfectly above my new scarf storage, which my awesome husband installed for me this weekend, too.
I also found this idea on Pinterest. It’s a curtain rod with simple shower curtain rings to hold the scarves. The scarf storage system cost about $4 and the nail polish rod and baskets cost about $12.

I’m so happy! And my husband is happy that his Labor Day to-do list is almost complete. Now if I could only find a better way to store my purses and necklaces…
I’m curious… Do you have any amazing storage systems in your closet that you love?

4 responses to “Getting organized, one nail polish color at a time”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Well, I own a total of five bottles of nail polish and two scarves, so I don’t think I’m much help. My organization system is minimalism.

  2. everydayMOM Avatar

    Holly, you always make me laugh. Minimalism sounds like the BEST organization system!

  3. Kelly Avatar

    Look at your craftiness!! Love it!

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