My new accessory

Little Babycake has gotten big enough now that I often carry her around draped over one arm. When I’m around strangers, someone inevitably looks at me, gasps and says, “I thought that was a baby doll!”

So here she is: My latest accessory. I have my purse, my diaper bag and my baby doll:

Check out the smile on the doll baby:

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9 responses to “My new accessory”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    She is adorable!!Laurel

  2. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    That smile is amazing! What a sweetheart!

  3. Holly Avatar

    Wow, and she has SHOES! Way too sophisticated for my baby accessory, who just wears footie sleepers every day of his existence. Granted, they are interesting footies with bears and giraffes and footballs on his tootsies but still…girls leave boys in the dust right from the beginning, I guess!Blessings, Holly

  4. Chrissy Avatar

    Oh, she's growing up SO FAST! Still so, so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom Avatar

    Hahaha omg she is so precious… and does look just like an adorable doll. That second photo seriously needs to be the next gerber baby or something. Get that child modeling and make some money off those good genes, stat! ;P

  6. Angie Avatar

    I love it! The perfect year-round accessory, and she goes with everything!

  7. everydayMOM Avatar

    Holly… trust me… those are her ONLY shoes! She only has them for her baby dedication, which is coming up in a few weeks. Gotta love that she still wears the newborn size! =]

  8. youreverlovinsista Avatar

    ahhhhh, just THE cutest accessory EVVA!

  9. everydayMOM Avatar

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Now, if only my accessory wasn't so heavy and growing by the day. I'm starting to lean to one side from carrying her like that!

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