1. I just want you all to know that I go through each day with the same thoughts in my head:

I’m not going to update my blog today. Nope. Won’t do it. I’m not gonna do it. Seriously. How much of your rambling can people really read? Today, I will keep all of my thoughts safely confined inside my head. Not gonna let ’em out. No. I. will. not. They are staying in the head.

Well… maybe I could write down just one thing. Only three paragraphs, though. Not another 1,200 word post. Nope. Gonna be short. Keeping it all inside today. Quiet. Shhh.

I think you can guess who keeps winning this battle.

2. Ummm. So, thank you for coming by. I was just wondering who you are. I see people on my stats everyday who never say a peep. Just wanted to say, “Hi!”. I wish you ALL had a blog so I could read the random thoughts going through your head.

3. We’re getting used to our new life here in Seattle. I might have only mentioned it 52 times, but it has rained here everyday for two dozen or more days. (Not scientific fact, just based on observation.) We’re starting to actually like it.

We have gone to the pool everyday this week, despite the thunderstorms, 74 degree temps and black skies. We were cracking up yesterday. The sky was thick with dark clouds, but it wasn’t supposed to rain. The pool was PACKED! The water is heated to about… I don’t know… 80 degrees, so it was warmer in the water than outside.

People didn’t care. They were pouring into the pool. It was like everyone had just given up on waiting for a sunny day and they were going swimming anyway.

Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t REALLY live in Seattle. Because I guess it hasn’t rained for 29 DAYS in Seattle! Nope. This is the Midwest. And we are used to crazy weather. We are used to snow storms. Traffic jams. Ice storms. Tornadoes. And we don’t care if it rains for 24 days in a row. We’re going to the pool!

4. Actually, I think I’m going to miss the cool, rainy days when they finally go away next week. We’ve been getting lots done indoors and reading tons of books. Our most recent favorite is “A Cricket in Times Square.”

5. The kids went with me to my doctor’s appointment this week so they could hear the baby’s heartbeat. They were squealing and giggling with delight… Speaking of the kids, I have to write down the story of their reaction when we told them we were having a baby. It was priceless.

6. I’m trying not to write about being pregnant every second. But on Thursdays, I get to mark off another week. This week, I hit #15. The cravings aren’t as bad. I still want to eat Mexican food almost everyday, but I think that was the case before. Now, it’s more a matter of: “If I don’t get some guacamole in the next 20 minutes, someone’s gonna pay!”

Thank you to the ladies who went out to dinner with me last night. Just finished my leftovers. Yum! I also would like some PF Chang’s, so give me a call if you are looking to go out to dinner. =]

7. And speaking of dinner, I’m going to make lasagna. Mmmmm. It’s going to be so good.

8. Finally, my tummy is starting to puff out. It’s hard to tell if you don’t know me that well. Here’s the pic. As you can see, I carry most of my baby weight in my arms and legs. It’s kind of a new “cool” thing in pregnancy. Maybe it only affects those of us in, um, our advanced maternal age.

I know what you’re going to say about the tummy… “You can’t even see it.”

Trust me. It’s there. Here’s a close-up.

See? If nothing else, we can consider that the “before” shot.

9. Now… should I hit publish? Hmmmm. Oh, what the heck.

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5 responses to “random thursday thoughts”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Emily,Thanks for posting almost every day! I really do look forward to reading your blog and it's okay with me if you do it MORE than once a day! You're awesome.Michele

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Emily… I enjoy reading your blog daily too! So thanks for letting that other voice in your head win! Your ramblings are very entertaining!Also love the baby bump!See/Meet you in a month!Laurel

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh yeah! I can see tummy….not really. But you know it's there, so that's all that matters.I check your blog everyday! Sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes I think "I want to comment on this later." And I come back to comment, or just read again and then go away.Can't wait to hear how your kids reacted to the pending arrival of Jayda Lynn!:)Lynn

  4. everydayMOM Avatar

    "Oh, great. So you're all on HER side."See, I told you!"No, you didn't."Yes, I did."Oh… you always win. Just be quiet."**By the way… only four more weeks until we find out if Jayda is a Jayda!

  5. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    Sorry, but I'm on HER side too. If I only have a few minutes to sit down I scroll through my reader and find everydayMOM. It's true, gotta have priorities!~ BTW~ My baby bump is bigger than yours and I'm not pregnant. =[Happy Friday!

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