Up close

I have been feeling like a new person the past few days.

Babycake has been giving me some four- to five-hour stretches of sleep at night. And the doctor took care of THE string, which has allowed the incision from my C-section to finally start healing.

I actually took all four children on our first outing together (without my husband to help), and we had a great day together at the mall. The kids all took turns pushing the stroller, we ate lunch at a real-live restaurant and played at the play place.

I wanted to get some professional photos taken of the four children together to mark the baby’s 6-week birthday. This one was my favorite of all four of them together:

The full body shots also turned out really cute:

I don’t normally like photos of the children looking serious. But I fell in love with these close-ups:

And, of course, Little Miss Serious herself:

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12 responses to “Up close”

  1. JoLyn Avatar

    Such cute photos! And what a wonderful day together…so glad that you're feeling good!

  2. everydayMOM Avatar

    Thanks, JoLyn! It felt good to get out of the house!

  3. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    Way to go! The pictures are wonderful! The one of them together didn't come up on my computer ๐Ÿ™

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Yay for you to venture out with the 4 of them!! The pictures are gorgeous too!Also glad to hear you're finally feeling better!Laurel

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Awesome pics! I thought of you today as I was driving home from Olney. For some reason, I was thinking of our senior trip to Myrtle Beach. I was wondering how we did all of that traveling without cell phones, internet or GPS!!! We made it and now here your are with four cutie-patootie kids!

  6. Kelly Avatar

    What fun pictures! They all turned out great.

  7. everydayMOM Avatar

    Lynn,I still can't believe our parents let us make that trip to Myrtle Beach! And I can't believe we all survived! Would you let your girls do that now?I don't have any excuses to go to Olney anymore now that no one in my family lives there! =[

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh my word, I love those pictures. What beautiful children you have Emily; truly a blessing from the Lord. All of them.Michele

  9. everydayMOM Avatar

    Awww… thanks for all the nice compliments! =]

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    I love the picture of all four of the kiddies. Brother number one looks serious about his role of big brother. Brother number two looks as if he is thinking of all the trouble he and his baby sister will get into. Sister looks as if she is dreamily thinking about late-night giggling with her baby sister. Baby looks as if she is bored with everyone telling just how wonderful she is. But she still doesn't want them to stop!:)Lynn

  11. everydayMOM Avatar

    And that, dear Lynn, would perfectly summarize the personalities of each of those four children. You described them to a T.

  12. Jane Anne Avatar

    Such wonderful photos! You are doing SOOOO well. I took all 4 of mine to get pictures this past weekend. But, I scheduled it then so my husband could come along and help.The pictures are beautiful, by the way.

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