where in the world?

A few days ago, I mentioned that my husband and I were planning to get away for a few days without our kids.

So, what do you think we finally decided?

1. Did we choose:
a. the beach
b. the forest
c. the mountains
d. a city
e. a historical site

2. Did we make up our minds where to go:
a. still haven’t decided
b. as we were driving
c. one hour before it was time to leave
d. five hours before it was time to leave
e. five days before it was time to leave

3. Did we opt for:
a. staying in Chicago and visiting all of the sites
b. a place that was two hours away
c. five hours away
d. 10 hours away
e. 20 hours away

4. How would we get there:
a. in the Honda Civic
b. in the minivan
c. by airplane
d. by train
e. by ferry

5. What would we take along:
a. just the clothes we were wearing
b. our mountain bikes
c. our swim suits
d. our hiking shoes
e. our laptops

Where in the world do you think we went?! Or have we even left yet?!?

If you are brave, leave your guesses in the comments section! I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. You took off in the Honda Civic with the clothes on your back whatever way the wind blows! You took your computers, though, just in case :)Lynn

  2. Oh! Oh! This reminds me of Where's Waldo? Or maybe Clue. My guess is the forest, one hour before it was time to leave, five hours away, in the minivan with Colonel Mustard – I mean with your hiking shoes.Do tell, now! Did I win?

  3. the mountains, one hour before it was time to leave, a place that was 2 hours away, the civic, the mountain bikesYep, my answers were all guesses b/c it was fun to play along. I can't wait to read the real answers! I hope you had or are having fun.

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