more clues…

I can’t believe it’s the 4th of July!

We are still in this strange and wonderful place where it doesn’t matter what day it is. Or what time it is. We can go wherever we want. And stay as long as we like. And no one needs us.

Thanks for your guesses on where we went. I loved reading them! I know you are all busy with July 4th cook-outs and celebrations, but just for fun, here are a few more clues about where we are.

Kent and I had so much fun yesterday.

We laughed a hundred times about how everyone here lined up their lawn chairs 24 hours in advance of the midnight July 4 parade, proudly the first in the nation.

We rode this:

and looked at this:

and we ate at restaurants where we had normal conversations. And ordered weird items off the menu:

Actually, only I ordered weird items, like the bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato sandwich.

It wasn’t that great, but what the heck. I like to be daring.

We bought candy:

I ate most of it.

We listened to free blue grass concerts:

These teen-agers were amazing. They were all between 15 and 17 years old. The older folks in the back just showed up for a few minutes to play along.

And we shopped. We stopped in a cowboy boot store “just for fun”. A few hours later, we came out with a pair of cowboy boots. Guess who they were for?

I mean, if a girl is going to get her first pair of real cowboy boots, shouldn’t she go with bright green?

So, what do you think? Any more guesses about our location?

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  1. Love the boots, Emily! My soon to be neice-in-law has aqua boots like those…she teaches ag! I think you're in TN, too! have very much fun and enjoy each other!

  2. Howdy,Wear those boots like you OWN them Emily! (Because you do.) If you want, we can plan a "boot day" so your boots aren't lonely. Yes, I did have to comment on them on the blog. Couldn't resist.Michele

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