We celebrated my middle child’s seventh birthday on Sunday.

Seven?! Doesn’t that sound so much older than 6? It seems like it marks the transition from little kid, kindergarten boy to KID kid, first grader, who wants to understand all that is happening in the world.

After a BIG weekend dedicated to him, the other two kids and I came up with a list of seven things we love about our middle child.

He is such a snuggle bug. If I need a hug or a kiss, he is always willing to give me a snuggle.

He is very detail oriented. He wants to understand the WHY of how things work.

He is silly and crazy and makes everyone laugh.

He is kind and thoughtful, always thinking of others.

He is very intelligent. He learns easily and loves math.

He is loyal and a faithful friend.

I LOVE that boy’s smile!

When we were done with our list of 7, he told us we could play a “bonus round” and go all the way to 20. Of course, we were more than happy to come up with 13 more reasons we love him!

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