Love sick

I have a confession to make.

Everyone in this house has gone a little crazy. We’re all love sick.

Our big excitement of the day revolves around this little person and her nap schedule. When she wakes up, it’s a mad dash to look at her.

The kids keep one ear on her “walkie talkie” (the baby monitor), waiting for it to light up with the sounds of being awake.

They are starting to learn how long she typically sleeps and that she rarely stays awake more than an hour. It’s fun to hear my oldest son do the math, “Let’s see… She woke up at 1, and it’s 2 now. She’s probably ready for her nap.”

They wait for her to sleep, eat, and get her diaper changed. Then, we start passing her from one person’s arms to the next.

I’m the lucky one. When she gets fussy or tired of being held by little arms, I can use my magical mommy touch to quiet her. I feel so blessed that she just knows she is with mama again.

Our second born probably has it the worst.

“Oooooohhhhhh, she’s soooooo cute!” he says. “I just love her soooooo much!”

Oh, yeah. She’s got us. We can’t get enough of her.

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