I’m a fan of…

If you are on Facebook, you probably know you can become a “fan” of lots of different things: stores, potato chips, restaurants, TV shows.

My teen-age nephew and niece always make me laugh because they become fans of the most hilarious things. Many of them you can only truly appreciate if you are in high school, I’m sure:

  • Having a 100% sarcastic conversation with someone who thinks you’re serious.
  • Why learn algebra? Finding X is only useful if you’re a pirate!
  • When teachers get off track and tell you stories about their life
  • Teacher’s call it copying?? we call it TEAMWORK

Well, I’ve been finding myself becoming a “fan” of a lot of things lately, too.

First, there are the things that I took for granted before I was pregnant.

I’m now a huge fan of:

  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Tying my own shoes
  • Painting my toe nails
  • Walking in high-heeled shoes without feeling off balance
  • Walking, period

And since we brought Miss Baby home from the hospital, I’ve really become a fan of a lot of things:

  • Sleeping more than two hours in a row
  • Taking a shower before Noon
  • I just changed your diaper, did you seriously poop again?
  • Accomplishing anything in a 24-hour period
  • Getting my sense of humor back
  • Awesome friends who bring us dinner
  • Driving myself where I want to go (I’m not supposed to drive for two weeks after leaving the hospital)
  • Giving my husband a list and being pleasantly surprised when he comes home with everything I wanted

And mostly…

I’m a fan of cute little bald babies who wear a pink hat when they sleep.

What about you? What are you a fan of right now? Do you ever stop to become a fan of something you once took for granted?

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  1. That is so sweet! Ah, I miss those first few weeks after a new baby comes home. It makes my heart a little sad as I can hardly remember my little babe that little and new. He's starting to cruise furniture and babble already! I am a fan of taking it one moment at a time. And sometimes as much as I try, the moments still go by too fast!

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