The sewing class

About a month ago, I read the list of classes offered by our homeschool co-op to my 5-year-old daughter.
“Jewelry making, sewing and duct tape,” she said. Those were the ones she wanted to take. (Duct tape, by the way, is a class that teaches kids to make bags, wallets and other projects from colored duct tape.)
I wasn’t surprised by her choices. She’s a very crafty girl.
But I found out this week she had put some thought into her selections.
You see. During the five years of her life, she has created quite a list of sewing projects for her mom.
“Can you sew, Mom?” she always asks.
My answer is usually the same. “Of course I can sew! I’ll do it as soon as I have time.”
I actually CAN sew. IF I had a needle. And some thread. A sewing machine wouldn’t hurt, although I could sew without one. But the biggest tool that is lacking is the desire. And so, without really thinking about it, I have made my daughter wait and wait. And wait.
The sewing project at the top of her list is her best friend. Pinky Bear.
Pinky Bear has gone everywhere with my daughter since she was a baby. Pinky bear has been loved. Hugged. Rubbed. And unstuffed almost to her death. She has had her head sewn back on three times. Usually by her father.
This is a new bear that is similar to what Pinky Bear once looked like.
Recently, we were discussing our possibilities for the fall. Should we continue to homeschool or send the kids to a private school? While the boys really want to homeschool, my daughter would prefer a classroom. Although… she pondered… what about that sewing class at our home school co-op?
Finally, I got to the bottom of her reasoning.
A few days ago, my daughter showed me a hole that has been growing in Pinky Bear’s neck.
“I’m going to fix it, Mom,” she said. “Just as soon as I take that sewing class.”
You have to admit. That’s ONE reason to home school.

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  1. Love your daughter! She's a lot like her mom – determined and goal-oriented. Btw you don't have to homeschool to learn sewing – you just have to send her to the home of a seamstress (not really, but sewer is where waste goes, so that's not the word either) you know that can teach her (hint, hint).I know what you mean about the lack of desire though, especially for repairs or sewing on the endless stream of patches. Every so often I have to just grit my teeth and do it.

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