Be The One

As my kids have gotten older, they (naturally) have been getting in more situations in which they have to make a choice about the right way to behave.

We’ve had lots of conversations lately about what they should do when other kids are encouraging them to do things they know they shouldn’t. They have been complaining that often one kid is driving all the others in a group to misbehave.

During one of these discussions, a phrase popped out of my mouth that has started to become kind of a mantra at our house: Be The One.

Let me explain. Sometimes they are in a group with a strong leader. One kid can have so much power. He can influence all of the others to do the right thing. Or he might be stirring up trouble.

Well, they have a choice. They can either follow. Or they can Be The One.

They can Be The One to encourage the other kids to do good. They can Be The One to stand up for what they believe. They can Be The One to help other kids choose the right path.

This idea really struck a chord with my kids. And it has me thinking, too.

How can I Be The One?

Will I Be The One to talk to my neighbors? Will I Be The One to be a friend to someone who is lonely? Will I Be The One to help someone in need?

It’s so easy to follow. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to not say anything when someone else is a bad influence.

But why not Be The One?

What do you think? Can you think of any ways you could Be The One? Have you had similar conversations with your children? And what has worked for you?

Edited to add: Oh, and by the way… my kids aren’t always THE ONES to influence others in a good way. They definitely do their share of stirring up trouble. =]

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  1. Thanks, Chrissy!Carrie, nooooooo…. I didn't write this about any one person, in particular. I think our kids are pretty evenly matched. =] Mine don't always influence yours in the best way, but wouldn't it be great if all the kids in their group of friends tried to "be the one"?!

  2. Ladies,If you go to my church or you are in my co-op, this blog post isn't about you! If you are that concerned about how your kids behave, it's a pretty good sign that you don't need to worry!We have had a few random instances of playing with some new kids where questions have come up! Thanks for your concern… If you are my friends, and we were having an issue, I would just talk to you about it. I wouldn't hint about it in a blog post. =] Love you guys!!

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