Our ice-skating rink

We have been debating the idea of building an ice-skating rink in our back yard. We have several friends who have done it. We talked ourselves into it. Then we talked ourselves out of it. (Notice a pattern with us?)
Then our kids started ice-skating lessons. And after the first lesson, they kept begging to skate some more. We went skating on Friday and they couldn’t get enough. Well, it’s been freezing cold here, and we decided… what better to do in the arctic temps than build a skating rink?
According to all of the instructions we read online, this shouldn’t destroy the lawn. We will remove the rink before spring, and all of that water actually helps the grass.
Here’s what happened so far:
Step 1. Outline the rink in the snow.

Step 2. Build the frame.


Step 3. My husband’s friend is a PE teacher, so they were able to take the big plastic liner to a school gymnasium. We couldn’t find the plastic in a size that was large enough for the rink, so they had to adhere two pieces of plastic together. They laid it out on the floor of the gym and taped it together.
More steps coming soon!

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