Kissing bandit


Before Christmas, we were reading one of our home-school books together when Jayda saw this woman on the page.

She leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then she kissed her again. And again. She wouldn’t stop kissing that page.
For the next few days, if we needed to distract her so we could read, we would show her the photo of that woman dressed in her Muslim garb and let her kiss the photo. It was funny because we couldn’t get her to kiss any of us. And she wasn’t interested in any of the other photos in the book. Just that one.
This week, the kissing bandit returned. She started kissing the man on the cover of our “Twenty-one Balloons” book. Then, she started kissing this girl on the cover of “Listening to Crickets.” 
She even kissed her own reflection in the dishwasher.
We’re hoping she will start kissing REAL people soon!

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