Birthday scavenger hunt


Today was my husband’s 42nd birthday. Because his birthday is so soon after Christmas, I always have a difficult time thinking of good gifts for him.

This year was no exception. I actually waited until this morning to even go shopping because it took me that long to figure out what to get him!

Well, I have to say that I should win the good wife award for this year. I went a little crazy and came up with some AWESOME gifts.

A few of the gifts were kind of large, so instead of wrapping them, I created a scavenger hunt. I made one clue from each of the kids.

He was puzzled at first about the clues and what they meant. Each one had a little poem that told him where to find the gifts. The first gift was from Jayda. It was an ice-scraping tool he can use to smooth out the rough spots on the skating rink.

Gift #2 was kind of crazy. This one was from Alayna. It’s a steam mop for our kitchen floor. I know. This gift is really for me. But it’s a well-known fact you can’t buy a mop for your wife. So, I decided I would give it to him instead and he could be happy to see me use it!

Gift #3 was from Matthew. It was a pair of ice skates so he could skate with the kids.

Gift #4 was the one that was the shocker! This one was from Andrew. It was a snow blower!

So, yes. I went totally overboard this year for his birthday. But he was so excited. And it was so much better than giving him the traditional sweater and socks.

The funny part about the whole scavenger hunt is that my husband is extremely low-key. During the search for the gifts, he seemed like he was just going along with my little game to be nice.

After it was over, he said, “That was one of the most fun birthdays I have ever had.” He said it in a completely monotone voice. I wasn’t sure if he was serious at first! But he really was! Not only did he love his gifts, but he had a great time finding them.

Happy Birthday, Kent!!

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  1. Emily, that is a great idea, even though none of those gifts would be practical in our part of Washington, the presentation is perfect. I also have a very low key husband who doesn't think he wants or needs anything. I better start deciding now for his March birthday what gifts of meaning we can hide for the hunt.

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