My helpers


The kids are a huge help to me with my job at The Sanctuary. They love being able to pitch in and do their part when they know they are serving people at church.

We usually get to church on Sunday mornings at least an hour early to set stuff up. The past few weeks, we have had a Lego theme to the sermon series, called “Foundations.”

We have been setting up a big table full of Lego each week and challenging people to build a “foundation.” The kids have been soooo helpful in sorting Lego at home, carrying it in and, of course, building!

Matthew loves helping me set up the banners each week. He has done this so many times, he could probably do it himself now!

Oh, and I had to throw in a picture of this guy. He’s the life-sized Lego man that some of the guys at church made as part of our set design. He was smiling in his Bears jersey because this was BEFORE the game.

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