Eating leaves

One of our assignments for our Biology class this year was to take the little radish sprouts we have been growing and eat them. We were supposed to divide the sprout into three sections and try to determine in which section the radish grows.
OK. It’s kind of funny that my kids don’t really know what a radish is. They haven’t ever eaten one before. So, the fact that one end is red, really wasn’t a big clue to them.

I loved their reactions. The firstborn was totally reluctant to eat the sprout. Each section grew progressively more unbearable as he ate the leaves, then the center section and then the red part. “Too spicy!”
The middle child loved it more and more with each bite. “Mmmm! This is good!”

And then there’s the third born. She basically loves to do anything that’s silly. The whole project was just one more opportunity to have a big laugh.

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