SciTech Museum

We had a field trip today with our home-school co-op to a science museum about 20 minutes from our house. This was a ton of fun. They had converted an old downtown post office into the SciTech Museum, which was full of hands-on experiments perfect for the ages of our kids.
We felt like we had discovered a hidden treasure when we arrived and “signed in.” The only other people who had signed in before us were other families in our co-op.
Alayna loved playing with the “bubble wall.” She is blowing on her giant bubble in this photo.

Here are some of the kids getting ready for “lift off” in a hot air balloon.

This was Matthew’s favorite part. He had to generate electricity by pedaling a bicycle. As he rode harder, more lightbulbs would light up. He was talking about that for the rest of the day. In this cold weather, we certainly are glad we don’t have to generate our own electricity!

Jayda had a great time running from one side of the museum to the other. Here she is standing in the foot of a mastodon. Grrrr….

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