The New Me, Part 3: Tackling my bathroom, drawers and cabinets

On that day back in early December when I had the epiphany that I could BE an organized person, I immediately started organizing things.

I went to put something away in our “junk drawer” in the kitchen and instead of just tossing it in, too busy to worry about the messiness within, I took everything out of the drawer and started organizing it. I secretly did doubt that I could actually tackle even half of the unorganized spaces in our house before I would lose steam. But nearly two months later, I am still purging, tossing, sorting and labeling away.

The old me DID know where everything belongs. However, that usually meant that everything bathroom related went somewhere in one of the bathroom drawers or cabinets. I would periodically sort through like items and stack them neatly together. But after a few weeks of opening and closing drawers or rummaging through cabinets, everything would be a mess again.

The New Me has become a little obsessive about drawer organizers. I love having everything in its neat little compartment, and so far, my drawers are staying organized!

Since I can’t buy all of the organizers I would need for every single drawer in this house, I have made some:

Or just used items I already had to create some:

With a family of six, I buy lots of stuff in bulk, whether it’s food or necessities, like toothpaste, chapstick, bandaids, deodorant and toilet paper. By adding drawers to our bathroom cabinet storage, I now have a place to neatly organize all of those things.

I realized that when it came to food, I was sometimes buying more than we really needed because I would lose track of what we already had. Adding a pantry list to my cabinets has been a great way to keep track of what we have left. My goal now is to try not to keep SO MUCH extra in my cabinets, but only buy what we really need.


I’m also starting to figure out that using baskets or other containers allows me to store things more efficiently by lining things up vertically, rather than making a horizontal pile. Whether it’s oatmeal packets, granola bars or even the lids to all of my storage containers, lining them up vertically is a great way to keep things organized!

OK… so I do have some DIY projects I’m hoping to write about next. But until then, I would love to hear your organizational tips. Do you have any systems that are really working for you? Do you tend to be more organized in one area of your house than others? Are you good at maintaining the organizational systems you create or is it always a work in progress?

Organization ideas for your bathroom, drawers and cabinets


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