We can’t go home again

It’s official. As of a few hours ago, the sale on our house was finalized. It all seems a bit surreal.
We can’t go home again.
We can’t go back to the place we have called home for 13 years. That address that has been a constant in our lives is no longer ours.
We moved over to a friend’s house on Tuesday, and I spent the entire day Wednesday cleaning our old home. I guess I could have hired someone to do it. Or I could have handed her over with all of our dust and grime. But I felt like that was the last thing I could do for our house after she has taken such good care of us all of these years. Always kept us safe and warm. I wanted to hand her over bright and shiny and looking her best.
Once I had scrubbed down every crack and crevice yesterday, I brought the family back to say one last good-bye. They kind of laughed that I thought it was so important. But then they walked from room to room remembering. Seeing their rooms completely empty was so strange. I was not the only one crying.
They climbed the trees one last time. And then I was the one who finally had to pull them all away.
The new owners are getting a place that’s been full of laughter and new life and running feet and excitement. We hope they will enjoy our home as much as we did!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am about to cry too! What memories that house holds, even for the friends that you made feel like family. We love you guys! So excited for you all as you start a new journey.

  2. I know that if I ever have to move I will be crying buckets! I get tear-eyed just thinking about leaving our house. We’ve been in our home for 13 years too! I’m so sappy, I even say “good-bye” to hotel rooms. 😉 Oscar laughs at me but I feel it’s important to honor the spirit of a place that has kept you safe and warm and sheltered…even for one night, let alone more than a decade. Lovely post, Emily! 🙂

  3. It is a very surreal feeling! I remember when we moved a couple years ago, the family could not come back once it was empty (timing & a 4 hour distance move) but I took pictures of the empty house. When I showed the kids & hubby, we were all doing the remember when and misty eyes were around too 😉
    Good luck with your move & enjoy making new memories in your new home!

    1. Awwww…. that makes me sad that you couldn’t go back that one time. But I’m glad you got to share those photos. I kept telling everyone I thought it was important that we get our “closure,” and they all agreed once it was done. 🙂

  4. I have been so touched by your writing. We just closed on a home in Shorewood today. We have been here in our house for 39 years so it is going to be so bittersweet. Truthfully, I can’t even think about it. We are preparing the house to get it on the market and kinda dreading that process, but God is good and has hung in there with us even with this closing which has been extremely stressful. Your words have made me feel better and reading the other comments is helpful. I wish you the very best in your new home. You won’t be all that far from us. We must get together. Keep writing!!!

    1. Oh, wow, Carolyn! That is such big news! Congratulations! I’m really happy for you. I know it will be hard to list your house after living in it so long, but I bet it will sell fast. Hang in there! We definitely need to get together once we all get settled! <3

  5. I haven’t been able to allow myself to fall in love with a home since we left Atlanta. That move broke my heart into a million pieces; from that point on, it has been self-preservation to think of a house as just a house. It can’t mean much, b/c it’s only for a short time. I’ll be interested to see how I change to feel more like you when we buy our next house & stay put for more than 2 years!!!

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