Our youngest daughter has been begging me to work on her room, so a few weeks ago, I finally started painting. At our old house, she shared a room with her older sister who got to choose the “theme” of their room. This time, I wanted to leave it all up to her to decide how we should decorate.
We went shopping for accessories and paint colors to go with her bedding, and we happened to see this butterfly bedding set. She immediately fell in love and decided her room HAD to be butterflies. We talked about paint colors and agreed on a plan, even though it was a little different than my usual approach.
After an afternoon of painting, my husband came in to check on my progress, and he was a little shocked.
“Are you OK?” he asked. This was my first time painting a room in our house this color. The first three walls were done, and they were WHITE!
I assured him I had not lost my love for color. He felt a little better once I finished the ceiling.
And finally the accent wall.
One of her main requests for the room was that we would put flower stickers on the wall. I love how those turned out again the white.
I added some hanging lanterns over the bed. I was hoping they would pop against the white, and I love how they turned out!
We hung a string of rose lights above her bed. She loves turning them on as a nightlight when she goes to bed.
And I made a DIY butterfly mobile.
I used my Silhouette to cut out the butterflies, and then I simply used a glue gun to attach them to fishing wire.
I have a few other accessories I would like to add, but for now the room is done. We all love it and feel like it really reflects her personality. The older kids say the room feels like bubblegum and happiness — a perfectly relaxing spot for our 5 year old!

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