This is my 17th day in row posting to my blog, so I’m getting close to my goal of posting for 21 days straight. Even with all of my posting, it’s amazing how many things happen in a week that I don’t have time to mention.
So here are a few snapshots from our week:
One of the highlights of the week was Thursday night when our fifth grader had Academic Fair at her school. Each of the classes present projects they have completed throughout the school year. The fifth graders each choose a country and create a presentation. Our daughter chose Zambia, partly because I had traveled there right after college and we had a lot of items to display from that country. It was really fun for me to get to show her all of my photos and talk to her about my experience as she worked on her report.
She dressed in a wrap that I had brought back with me, and we served mango, papaya and bananas as part of her presentation.
Another huge highlight of the evening was when we walked by our preschooler’s classroom and found she also had made something special. The preschoolers aren’t officially part of Academic Fair, so we didn’t realize she would have anything on display. There was a big board outside of her classroom with pictures the kids had drawn of their mothers. You had to guess which one was which mother. I was so excited when I found her drawing and thoughts about me!
I promised not to mention another word about my birthday, but maybe you can endure one more. My birthday fell on the same day as staff meeting, and I was blessed with these amazing cupcakes!
And I spent a ton of time this past week working on these little boxes, which are actually invitations to my son’s 8th grade banquet. I’m working with a bunch of other moms to plan the banquet, and had fun coming up with this creative little invite. (Maybe I’ll post more on that another day.) Several of the other ladies helped me cut and glue to make 25 of them.
And finally, here are a few photos I took this week…
My first shot of the moon with the new camera lens…
The hubs finally got a shot of the pheasant that lives behind us…
And here’s a cardinal that was sitting outside in the rain singing to us on Saturday…
I hope you’ve had a great weekend! We have a super crazy week ahead of us.

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