First Week

I had so much fun shooting photos last year, that I decided to continue trying to take photos every day in 2016. I’m only “trying” to take a daily photo, because if I commit to doing it, I know I will get mad and grumpy at myself the first time I skip a day. And then I’ll just give up completely. This is supposed to be fun, so I’m taking photos everyday, as long as it’s something I do for fun and enjoyment and not another “to do” to mark off my list.
JAN. 1
After several weeks of completely gray skies, Jan. 1 brought this amazing sunset.
Earlier in the day, we took a walk down to the nature path behind our house to go check in on the beavers. The hubs and I have been walking down there as often as possible the past few weeks to see this area that was a small stream in the fall. The beavers are building a large dam, turning the stream into a lake. It’s amazing to see how much wood they chop down in a short amount of time. We still haven’t seen a beaver, but we love checking in on their hard work.
The girls came along on this bright sunny day.
These are the boots Kent got me for Christmas. I absolutely love them because I can stomp through the mud and snow and even wade into the swampy area around the pond.
JAN. 2
After the epic sunset the night before, I was sure the sunrise would be amazing, too. It didn’t disappoint.
JAN. 3
These days, I’m just thankful any time we have blue skies. The landscape can be so barren and bland this time of year, but at least it SPARKLES!
JAN. 4
I’ve been amazed by the number of geese on every pond around here the past few days. They are so loud that they fill up the air with their honking.
JAN. 5
I pass this little pond on my walk each day, so I enjoy checking in on the geese.
JAN. 6
I’ve noticed a few differences between the geese and the ducks, which have been crammed in tight on the frozen pond. The geese all seem to face the same direction.
As soon as I get even a little bit close, they start taking off, one group at a time.
JAN. 7
The ducks, on the other hand, are perfectly fine to stay put when I walk up. They also don’t seem as organized. They all face different directions, and slowly meander in and out of the water. They are definitely more laid back than the geese.
There you have it… My photos for the first week of January. Did you see anything interesting this week?


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