Week Three

It’s hard to believe we’ve already finished up the third week of January! I am loving the fact that the days are getting just slightly longer.
I had a crazy hectic week with my work schedule. I’m trying to finish up some big projects, and ended up working a lot more than I usually do. My “perfect week” schedule went out the window, along with all forms of exercise! I didn’t get a photo everyday this week, but that’s OK.
Here’s what my week looked like in photos:
JAN. 15
We got to watch our oldest play basketball, and I think it was his best game yet. He scored 10 of his team’s 40 points, with two 3-pointers, a lay-up and two free throws. I love watching that kid play basketball.
JAN. 16
The two middles went on a retreat with our church for the weekend, so that left Kent and I home with the oldest and youngest. We took off for Starved Rock to see the eagles and frozen waterfalls. I would say the waterfalls were “half” frozen, but still beautiful!
JAN. 17
Kent was on a business trip on his birthday last Thursday. We wanted to wait until everyone was home to open his gifts, so we finally got to celebrate Sunday evening! He does an amazing job buying me gifts, and he always comes up with a creative “theme” for his gift giving. As usual, I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to get him for his birthday. But finally, at the last minute, it came to me. My theme was “commuting,” and all of the gifts were selected to make his commute more pleasant.
JAN. 20
I shot my favorite photo of the week on Wednesday. It was around 4 p.m., and I was staring at the almost full moon in the clear blue sky. I decided to go grab the big lens for my camera when I heart the geese flying by. I remembered an amazing shot a friend of mine had taken of an eagle with the moon in the background. I decided to try to get the geese flying past the moon since it was still fairly low in the sky. I love this shot!
In other photography news, I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the people who liked and shared my photo for the U.S. National Weather Service’s Photo of the Year contest. I really appreciate all of the love for my photo of the barn in the snowstorm. My photo ended up coming in third out of the 52 photos that had won photo of the week in 2015. I think that was a huge win for the old barn. 🙂 Thank you so much for voting for such a simple, peaceful scene. <3


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