Two weeks down, Day 14

Friday, March 27

On Day 14 of social distancing, I wrote a silly poem and took a photo of chocolate chip cookies.

What day is it?
What time is it?
What month is it?
What hour?

We’ve been at home
for two weeks now
we’re losing
our brain power.

Sneezing, coughing
a high fever
are the symptoms
of getting sick

Do I feel
soreness in my throat
or is that
just an itch?

Three thousand now
is the count
of those infected
in our state.

This thing is getting
out of hand
I’m thinking
about our fate.

We went to Starbucks
to get a drink
of comfort
in a cup.

The line was long
for those like us
who need
some cheering up.

We used a wipe
to sanitize
our drinks that
felt so hot.

But how do we clean?
What do we do
to wipe down
all that froth?

All the stores
they’ve put up signs
we’re closed
you can’t come in.

Except for one
the Office Max
I guess working
is not a sin.

Tomorrow is
another day
but guess what
it will bring?

High winds
and rain
tornado too
It should get interesting.

I’m out of rhymes
but one more thing
to say before
I go.

I made some cookies
chocolate chip
that taste like
a rainbow.

The End.

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