This question is for the both of you… as in ALL of my blog readers. I really need to know what you think.
A friend the other day said she was debating between asking her husband for one of these two Christmas gifts:
1. a Keurig coffee maker or
2. a pair of Ugg boots.
This was a tough one. Well, it was tough for her, but quite obvious to me.
Despite my love for all things boot, I just don’t get the Ugg. I think it’s the name. I’m sure that Ugg means “beautiful foot” in Scandinavian or Swedish or whatever far off land where the boot is manufactured. But in English, I feel that Ugg is a good description of the boot or house shoe or whatever the heck that thing is.
However, my friend has amazingly good taste in clothing so I know I must be totally clueless about this foot fashion with the horrible name that is worth more than $100. Worth the price of the wonderful, life-changing Keurig hot-beverage brewing machine. The machine that turns itself on and begins heating your hot water and is ready at a moment’s notice to serve any hot beverage you would like at the perfect temperature. Absolutely perfect temperature. Not one degree too hot or cold.

So, I would love it if all of you would enlighten me on the Ugg. I have several friends who are saving all the pennies in their piggy bank to get a pair of these, so I know it has to be ME who is out of touch.

I do have two other very important questions.
If you were going somewhere and wearing open-toed shoes and you were running late, but you had not eaten breakfast yet and you realized that your toe nails were NOT painted, would you:
a. paint your toe nails and skip breakfast?
b. eat breakfast and go out with naked toe nails?
And finally, if you were choosing a football team to support throughout your life and your support of this team required you to attend games, dress in team sweatshirts and possibly even paint your face, would you:
1. choose the team based on the college you attended, team standings or your love for a certain state?
2. choose the team based on the team colors that best match your complexion and would fit in best with the majority of sweaters in your wardrobe?
I’m sure you have no idea what my answers to these questions would be. However, I thought this would be a really nice bonding experience if the three of us could share on this topic.
Oh, and does anyone know of a football team with jerseys in a nice olive green and brown? Something that would go with tall brown boots?

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17 responses to “I need to know… I really do!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    You pose some interesting questions for a Monday morning… hmmm… ok first question about the boots or the coffee maker… I'd have to go for the coffee maker altho some fashionista's that I work with would probably go for the Ugg's – don't really see the attraction to them but I'm not a fashionista. I do love my coffee tho so… choice made.The toes thing… well, at this point in the year, my toes are naked but I still go barefoot just in slip on shoes (no open toes). In that situation tho, I'd go for the 30 second polish while eating breakfast cuz you can have & do it all ;)And for the football… well, I live in Saskatchewan so we are proud out loud RIDER fans! I do have a Rider T-shirt however haven't gone to the point of painting my face green – many many others have & do EVERY game day! It's crazy!!! Not sure about the college football side tho… Rider colors aren't quite olive green but are a nice shade that could pass as matching your tall brown boots!Have a super fantastic Monday!Laurel

  2. youreverlovinsista Avatar

    I'm sorry, but I think the UGG boot and it's generic likenesses are a boon against fashion. I think the UGG, like the croc – which should only be worn when doing gardening or barn chores or on the feet of small children – is a fashion lie that way too many women/girls have bought into. The UGG just appears to be a sloppy house slipper boot thing which when seen in public just looks sloppy. As far as toe nails go, eat breakfast and then go put on some closed toe shoes. Watch a good movie instead of football.

  3. youreverlovinsista Avatar

    One more comment about the UGG… I've had the privilege of spending 1 week in Germany during the past 2 winters. Germany is at least 2 years ahead of us in fashion trends and I never saw even 1 pair of UGGS on any woman there.

  4. everydayMOM Avatar

    My dear sister,Would you mind to tell us what you REALLY think about the Ugg? It seems like you are trying to hide your true feelings. (hahahaha!)I had never considered changing shoes! Hmmm… I have skipped breakfast many times over this problem! Thanks for the idea!Laurel, you MUST try the Keurig… then you will understand what I'm talking about!

  5. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    I saw a girl wearing UGGs the other day and I thought, "She must not know those are called ugg for a reason…Ugggaalee!"I don't drink coffee but I would like a new food processor. Mine was a wedding gift and I've been married for over 22 years!I'm afraid I'm an Oregon State Fan (Go Beavs!) and when baseball season is here a San Francisco Giants fan. NOT colors anyone would choose to wear any other day than October 31, sad to say. But I proudly wear my Orange and Black. Do you have a nice pair of black boots? I wouldn't recommend cheering for the Oregon Ducks, but their colors are green and gold… How many toes will be showing in this lovely sandal? Currently I have 3 toes on each foot painted because I knew that was all that would be showing and I really wanted to eat my granola.

  6. everydayMOM Avatar

    Jenny, hahaha! I'm glad to see you!You see, I went to U of I and I admire all of my friends who proudly support our football team… But the ORANGE?!? I just CAN'T wear it!! Oh… my fashionable friend who wants the Ugg boots… You would probably look good even in an UGG! And they do look like they would be a wonderful choice on a snowy day. πŸ™‚

  7. Sarah Avatar

    Keurig. Hands down. I hate those boots.2. Skip breakfast and paint toenails.3. This is my strongest opinion. COLOR of the team you support has NOTHING to do with how one looks in it. I hear I look good in purple, so that is just simply an added perk. But my best color is green. I DO NOT LIKE A SINGLE GREEN TEAM!

  8. everydayMOM Avatar

    Sarah, You DO look good in purple! I don't know anything about your favorite team, but I'm happy for you that not only are they a great team (or so I hear) but you can buy sweatshirts in a color that looks good on you! I was thinking about the Illini and the chief controversy and I just don't get why they couldn't have selected something in a nice brown suede while they had a chance??

  9. WilyHacker Avatar

    Orange and Blue go with everything…even Ugg boots.

  10. everydayMOM Avatar

    Wily Hacker… you made a very good point.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    I simply must put in my two cents, even though it's all been said.Uggs are exactly that: UGH! UGLY! I'm sure they are comfy. I refuse to try one on just because of how frumpy they look. GO FOR THE KEURIG, MYSTERY FRIEND! And if you absolutely must, buy a knockoff brand since they are sure to go out of style in the next year anyway. (PLEASE)Toes: I never miss breakfast. I would switch my whole outfit to wear a different pair of shoes if I had to, but breakfast will not be skipped.I hate football, or any sport really, but I do support my college by donning a blue and orange sweatshirt occasionally. The key is minimal orange, mostly blue.Thanks for the very deep post Emily! :)Michele

  12. Angie Avatar

    I think I've heard my kids mention those boots, but I've never seen them. I would absolutely go for the Keurig.I don't eat breatfast, so I would either paint my toenails or put on different shoes.How did I not know that you went to Illinois? If you have noticed my FB profile pics, such as the Chief and/or the current Illini basketball team, then I think you know my answer to the third question. I hated the Olney Tiger's orange and black, but I love the orange and blue. I think orange works for me. Just lucky I guess.

  13. Wendy Avatar

    I am prob the ONLY one leaving a comment (and so far 12 have been left) that can honestly say I.HEART.MY.UGGS. and the S is correct, I own four pairs. They are actually Australian and I have no clue where the name comes from (but I think now I must go google it to find out) I look forward to the drop in the weather when I can go to that brown box and pull from the bag that protects my treasures and slip my feet into the fluffy coziness that warms my feet (and my heart) all winter, and as long as I can get away with wearing them. I just love them. They go with everything, i even get to pull out those jeans that fit me really good in the butt area but are too short cause my legs are way too long for jeans to fit me in both places, but my UGGS give me that gift and are soooo comfy I dont want to take them off, my oldest kid and her friends think I am the coolest thing ever.. I truly love them. guess it's one of those things you have to try to love (that and i know where to get them online for about 60 cheaper than in the store)

  14. everydayMOM Avatar

    Thanks everyone for the most insightful comments. I know these were some deep questions and you probably felt very exposed to express your opinions on such important topics.I would like to point out that the Ugg supporters were commenting on my personal Facebook page, which seems to indicate Ugg fans prefer FB over blogging. That question might require some market research. πŸ™‚

  15. hellolittlepeepers Avatar

    I would get the kuerig and the payless version of uggs. I do wear ugly crocs for their comfort even though I am embarrassed by their ugliness. It is probably good that I don't own uggs. To answer the toenail question…i can't even comment to the current state of my toenails but that wouldn't stop me from wearing open toed shoes and it sure would never stop me from eating breakfast.No comment on the sports team one…can't even quite figure out why it would be an issue. I have yet to find a color that doesn't look FABULOUS on me! With that said, my general fashion sense is…try to not dress like my mom so that doesn't say much.

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  17. Gwendolyn Lindsay Avatar

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